Persian Calendars Story

For the past 5 years the Eftekhari Norooz Calendar has been imagined, designed, published in celebration of the Persian New Year (on the Vernal Equinox.)

Eftekhari says: While I spent most of my life in Europe and the United States, outside Iran, I always carried a piece of my precious land of birth in my heart.  Seeped in the cultural, history, art and traditions of Iran as a child it is as though all the beauty and glory had penetrated my DNA. 
Each year we embraced a new theme, iconic scenes from Iran, such as the Persian gardens of Shiraz or the soaring majesty of Damavand towering over Tehran were painted lovingly by a young American artist, Kelly LaFavor, who has never actually seen Iran.  Kelly also recreated stunning images of Iranian art and artifacts, including a Persian rug, a bejeweled dagger, part of the collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the reliefs from Persepolis, seat of the Persian Empire.  
In the ensuing years young American-Iranian and Iranian artist, still living in Iran, created unique and original works. 
The calendar celebrated the talents of artists of Iranian origin, now members of a worldwide Diaspora: Contemporary Iranian artists and Iranian architecture through the ages were highlighted.  
The loving notes of thanks which followed the distribution of The Persian Calendar annually were filled with praise for and sentimental acknowledgement of each theme and each page of the calendar. Indeed one dear friend wrote: I look forward to each month…each new page….in joyful anticipation of what I would learn and see.
Even the boxes and the occasional dedication of the calendar were received with awe and gratitude.
This year it was decided to publish the calendar for “sale” to the public.  Further it was decided to donate the proceeds to prominent and well deserving American charities around the United Sates. From Pars House, in Washington DC, to the Foundation for the Children of Iran, the first Iranian-American charity established in the United States to serve the medical needs of mortally ill children, to the Iranian-American Women’s Foundation, based in Orange County, CA, serving to uplift and empower American women of Iranian origin, to Pars Equality Center in VA, serving the diverse legal needs of immigrants, each deserving charity was carefully selected to be a beneficiary of the net proceeds of your generosity.  
And now is finally launched and ready to bring these beautiful calendars to you, your friends, your family and your associates.
A “labor of love” is the true description of these visually amazing and meaningful calendars. Each calendar a celebration of a land and a people that have endured the ebbs and flows of history. Each calendar a celebration of the art, history, traditions and talents of an extraordinary and diverse nation. 
Join us in celebrating a gift which is a fitting symbol of our legacy for the ages.
[Copies of the annual Eftekhari Norooz Calendar are part of the spectacular and comprehensive collection of the Library of Congress, a truly iconic part of American history and legacy.]