Persian Calligraphy


We asked several calligraphers to write beautiful Iranian poems in a different calligraphy style and material, then we selected, scanned, and archived them to create very a special calendar.

Each month has its unique poem calligraphy in front, which includes a short biography in back.

Persian calligraphy’s aesthetic qualities have been undeniable with the combination of artistic symbols, letters, and elements which form the word. Major contemporary classical Persian calligraphy scripts: “Nas’taliq” is the most popular contemporary style among classical Persian calligraphy scripts. It is known as “Bride of the calligraphy scripts.”

Produced with a shiny gold box beautifully wrapped, accented with a matching grosgrain bow and wood Botehjeghe ornament.

“Don’t delay on ordering a 2020 calendar. Selling out by year’s end is standard practice. This is a wonderful gift item for anytime of the year.”

Part of your purchase amount will be donated to an organization of your choice, please select one of the options.

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